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founder of the SAO brand

Kate Sadurska

Two-time European synchronized swimming champion, three-time winner of the World Championships and participant in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.
Multiple champion and record holder of Ukraine in freediving.

How did the idea to make your brand come about?

It's very simple - for more than twenty years my life is closely connected with water and sports.
Seventeen of which I did synchronized swimming, and then freediving.

All this time my main item of clothing was and remains a swimsuit.

I've always liked to create something, so why not develop something that is very close to me.

I was looking for a fabric that would be resistant to chlorinated water.

When you spend a lot of time in the pool, not every swimsuit will stand this.

I've found such fabric. And when I learned more about ECONYL ®️ technology, I realized that this is what I need.

As a conscious person, I am, of course, concerned about the environment. So I've thought why not to take the opportunity and make our planet a little cleaner.

When diving into the sea, it is difficult not to notice the amount of rubbish floating there.
And every year, unfortunately, it only increases.

Therefore, using technological material from regenerated ocean plastic and fishing nets for our swimwear is one of the ways we can change something for the better.

Econyl also has SPF 50 protection, which is very important for those who spend a lot of time in the sun.
Who is the customer of SAO brand?

SAO is for people who love the water element and the opportunities it gives us.

For the conscious, active and those who value comfort and want to emphasize their individuality.

We spend a lot of time developing patterns because we love quality things.

Also, all models are actively tested in the sea and pool, so you can enjoy being in the water without being distracted by clothes.

We also understand that we are all different and there are many features to consider, so we are working on continuous product improvement